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Standard members cannot correspond or communicate with other members. Members approved for elite membership by the service provider have all the rights of standard members and can also message unlimitedly with the members they want on the site during their elite membership.

Elite members can send gifts to the members they want within the site, provided that they pay the fee. In addition, they can make profile advertisements in the priority section of the site, again on condition that they pay the fee. If elite members cancel their membership, they lose all their rights related to this membership. Membership information is deleted from the entire system and they cannot be re-members and login to the system with the same nickname. Elite members, Filort. Even if they have elite membership periods, people whose membership is canceled cannot make any rights or demands. Elite membership is defined and valid for certain monthly, quarterly, six-month and one-year periods for certain payments.

At the end of the elite membership, if the elite user does not renew his / her membership, he / she continues to receive service as a standard member. An invoice is issued to elite members as much as the membership package they have purchased and sent to the address indicated by the member.

Members who do not share their address information are not obliged to send an invoice by the service provider. Problems that may occur with credit card are between pay-pal and the member. Filort of this type of problem. There is a possibility that the information contained in e-mails can be seen by third parties. It has the right to follow up disputes between serving members.

However, it cannot be obliged. Relationships and disputes between members are the members’ own responsibility. Information provided by a member can be inaccurate or misleading.

In this case, the responsibility belongs to the people in communication. The service provider is not liable for this situation. The service provider cannot be held responsible for memberships whose memberships have been canceled or closed. Members cannot post or transmit any information, software or material for commercial or advertising purposes. Copying, publishing or marketing these materials on any platform is strictly prohibited.

The service provider is not responsible for such interruption of the service. The damages of the service provider due to the faulty behavior of the service user will be covered by the service user. The member commits to this. There is no right that members can demand from this situation. Otherwise, the Member Filort for damages incurred. This and such cases, Filort. T: C Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in the settlement of any dispute arising or likely to arise due to this contract.

This agreement will remain in effect until the membership of the member is canceled or the member resigns from membership and will continue to have provisions and results between the parties. Members whose membership has been canceled can be found on their own request or by Filort.

Ivana Sert gave a blank check to her husband; innocent flirts were allowed. It is their choice, but please let’s not go hand in hand and eat each other. If we can justify our infidelity with nonsense such as ‘innocent flirting’, ‘social flirting’, ‘dirt of hand’, ‘physical need’ If we do not know the beauty of belonging to one person only If we do not realize the taste and sacredness of being one of two, if we are unable to appreciate the value of loyalty to yourself and your heart.