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‘Bilitis’ is about what happened to a young girl during her summer vacation. Young Bilitis (Patti D’Arbanville) is stunned when she sees her friend Melissa and her husband making out. What they see becomes a turning point for Bilitis, and with Melissa’s encouragement, she begins to become aware of her own feelings.

The former rock star is found murdered in the bed of Johnny Boz, who runs a nightclub in San Francisco. Detective Nick Curran is assigned to investigate the murder. Catherine Tramell, on the other hand, is a famous author, and the pattern of murder is exactly the same as a story she tells in one of her books. The police concentrate on 2 possibilities. The killer is either the writer himself or a reader who closely follows his novels. While Beth, Nick’s ex-girlfriend, tries to focus her suspicions on Catherine, she suddenly finds the arrows of doubt on herself. Catherine is a much smarter woman than you think.

A young woman, Marion, is in the process of divorce. Meanwhile, Marion goes to the Normandy beaches with 15-year-old Pauline on vacation. Many men follow both of them on vacation. After encountering Pierre, his old love, Marion tries to tune in to her niece. Meanwhile, the young woman begins an affair with a middle-aged man named Henri.

Jeanne is an ordinary woman on the eve of her marriage. In preparation for the marriage, she is also looking for a house where she can live in the future. One day, while visiting the houses, he encounters an exceptional and strange man. Despite being older than Jeanne, the American Paul impresses her madly. The two start eating the fruits of a forbidden love. A strange relationship begins between them. Even if they are always together, they will never ask each other about their lives outside of each other. After a while, the personality differences between them will drag them both into a narrow dead end. Shown as one of Bertolucci’s most important works, The Last Tango in Paris is also one of the most erotic works of its time.

Lucia is a young woman who works as a waitress in a restaurant in Madrid. When the writer, with whom he has been together for a long time, thinks that he needs to be alone, he decides to go on a trip to a Mediterranean island. On this island, as if reading a secret diary in the bosom of the sun and the sea, Lucia attempts to question the dark spots of her former relationships.

A group of New Yorkers come to a club named Shortbus to find solutions to problems in their sex lives. Rob and Sophia are a very happy couple, but Sophia has never had an orgasm in her life. This ironic situation haunts him in his professional life, because he is a couple’s counselor and sees such problems in his own patients. Two of his patients, Jamie and James, are a gay couple who have been loyal to each other for 5 years. But James now wants to involve other men in this relationship. Ceth is a very suitable person to join this family; But voyeur Caleb, who lives on the other side of the street, thinks about this very differently. With Jamie’s provocation, Sophie visits Severin.