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The film offers an example of a fairly interesting police – comedy break. In a town in the north of France, the movie that carries a series of strange murders on the day after the cows are found in the interior of the diagonal; Dumont’s Humanity and Twin Hills Has Has Has Has Has Has Has Fulfill Humor Chemistry.

Amelie who lost his mother and his father, is dedicated to repairing the lives of others, making them happy; This is aimed at facilitating the lives of people who have been in this situation without noticing the dedication. Well Amelie striving for the happiness of others will be able to strive for his own happiness at the moment he realizes his loneliness?

Since his childhood, two women who have friends have the story of Claire and Lea in the foreground, one of two close friends, the pain is caught in a disease and entrust your baby to the nearest friend before I die. If he is a friend, it promises to have her baby and her husband. The mother dies to the friend’s home to keep his husband and baby to check his baby to keep his promise. However, when she arres home, she has a great surprise she is waiting for him. The film shared by the heads of Anais Demounstrier and Romain Duris; He is home to a story to satisfy those who love Ozon’s cinema and to violate the stereotyped love history limits.

The part of the Police Chief of Santi, a hero, Yvonne, is living in a seaside town of France, along with his son. The son of the young woman determines his dying father as idol to him. But Yvonne learns that he was actually a police of his husband who has hero in the eyes of everyone. Moreover, her husband has caused an innocent in Antoine to take 8 years of imprisonment. Yvonne experiences a big disappointment in the face they learned. Yvonne, who wants to compensate for her husbands, decides to help Antoine. The young woman looking for released antoine from prison is obliged to introduce itself as an escort when he finally found it. The Yvonne is ready to do everything to return Antoine to life that has difficulty getting used to your new life after getting out of jail.

Sandra’s work is danger that works in a small company and not a bright period in the financial sense. It has faced the danger of losing his work and his family is waiting for difficult days. According to the solution plan of the company boss, Sandra will be dismissed or the company employees will give up the extra salary bonuses. The first vote is done and employees use their votes from salary bonuses. Sandra is officially deemed to have lost their job. But immediately afterwards persuades to be voted again SHE. Sandra’s hand has only one weekend; In these two-day processes, they will remain in the case of persuading their workmates on salary bonuses and persuading them individually to vote. Dardenne shares the leaders of the sisters’ last artwork Marion Cotillard, Olivier Gourmet and Catherine Salée.

İlich Ramirez Sanchez or KAKAL CAKAL COKAL COKAL COKAL COKAL COKAL COKMAL TERRORIST OF COLD WAR BATTERS The center of the International Terrorism network with the 1970s to the Japanese Red Army Fraction from the Palestinian People’s Liberation Front … The World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival The film is describing the story of an international gerrill in the pursuit of his own madness. While an actor in Venezuela is an actor in Sudan, the Cakal Carlos is difficult to deliver to the French police at the end of the road at the end of the road.

The twelve-year-old Anais is anxious and sad, as it carries the load of the whole world on its back. The body is on the phase of recognition yet, both the source of pain and the refuge is like. The girl who feels lonely in his family, will live a jerky emotional transformation in the summer season where his first love will live …

Paris’s suburbs are full of cheesy apartment blocks called HLM. Labor-class families, migrants, gangs, rap music, drugs, riot … The father of 15-year-old Abdelkrim’s father is jailed with the Krimo, who is working in the supermarket. There is an imaginary that the woman who is living with his mother will travel around the world one day. He spends his time in a uniform routine with the best friend Eric and the neighborhood with his gang in the neighborhood.

Each of his own ideal image, who wants to sing, singing, the father of Lolita, who wants to be singer, the father Etienne, chorus teacher Sylvia and the hope that chased the hope of the hopes, and the family comedy-drama.

The author of mysterious novels Sarah Morton has been tired of London for a while and entered the inspiration for the new novel. The publisher takes an offer from John Bosload to stay in the house of France’s south in Luberon. Since the zone is no season, it is a quiet environment and is sure to the writer is sure to be well John. This wonderful city is unhurried